Monika Mehan, DAV Public School, Khera Khurd, Delhi

Speaking about something that has changed the way an organization functions is an interesting opportunity to thank the people responsible for this radical change.

I had contacted Mr Praveen Krishnaiah in the month of June 2011 while I was looking for good CCE software that would make the marking pattern simpler and less cumbersome. I soon realized that KNEWCLEUS was offering much more!

It is a complete school management software which enables the school faculty , the parents, students and management to remain connected 24/7. It gives a custom-made , social network exclusively for the school.

Of course, when I speak about CCE, the software offered by KNEWCLEUS is one of the best. I can see this since I have observed the CCE software that is being used in some other DAV schools.My teachers are sharing their worksheets etc. with the students and also interacting. This was a good opportunity to gently push the technology-wary teachers to become technology savvy, and they are now very happy with the ways in which their working styles have become simpler and more perfect.

Being in a rural area has its own constraints. The parents and some teachers did not even have e-mail IDs. But when they were told that they can view their ward’s performance, attendance etc. anytime they want to, they decided to embrace technology. So actually KNEWCLEUS has given us a concrete platform to make the rural population tech-savvy and reap its benefits.

The fact that they are based in Bangalore ( I know they have an office in Delhi too!) has never been a factor that has hampered the implementation of this system. They are readily available on g-talk, telephone, e-mail etc. In fact most queries are answered in minutes. The turnaround time in better than any other company that our school deals with. We have our PTM scheduled for 22nd October and the teachers have already prepared their result. This had never happened earlier when they were slogging till the last minute. I am grateful to Mr Praveen Krishnaiah, Mr. Jay Shankar and their wonderful team.

Charu Sharma, Chair Person, Happy Home Public School, Delhi

Happy Home has been working with KNEWCLEUS for the past 3 months. We have benefitted from KNEWCLEUS primarily on its three features namely – collaboration, report card and attendance. The collaboration feature has helped us immensely in making communication between the management, teachers, students and parents effective. No issue now needs to await an appointment from the Principal or Management. The students feel very comfortable using the platform to share their views and we have been able to see a different aspect to their personalities which was not possible earlier.Everybody has found the communication feature to be user friendly be it a student of class 4 or a parent who is not tech savvy. The CCE report card feature is an optimum tool to take care of the school’s assessment needs. We have also had our report cards for the primary and Sr. Sec. wing customized. The team at KNEWCLEUS have promptly responded to our requirements and have been doing it since then. The attendance feature has found wide appreciation from the parents. We appreciate the efficiency of the Implementation Team who have made it possible for KNEWCLEUS to become an integral part of the Happy Home community so soon.We wish the KNEWCLEUS team the very best for their future.

Lakshmi Murthy, Principal, Jnana Vijnana Vidyapeetha

I thank you & your team for your efforts to improve our school information system. Your latest analytics are wonderful. Now it is so easy for me to know the performance of the students class-wise,subject-wise & student-wise. Knewcleus has been very popular among all our students,teachers & parents. Instant results, quick messages & day-to day interaction with students & parents have improved our relationship with parental community. Besides, teachers are also enjoying their work & are eager to learn more. We hope to strengthen our association with KNewcleus.

Sanjeevi Narasimhan (Parent), Legacy School Bangalore

“KNEWCLEUS is a good initiative to bring the teachers, parents & institutions together … In turn is a good support system for the students. I congratulate you for your leadership in driving new/best practices. Thanks,”

Florence Bibbin, Parent, Legacy School Bangalore

“KNEWCLEUS is truly a wonderful platform-user friendly and very simple to use and communicate”

Joseph Anthony student, Legacny School Bangalore

Sir.this new KNEWCLEUS thing is so cool we are having lots of fun in school learning and playing

Praveen M G, Parent, Legacy School Bangalore

Am indeed very happy to see how you have used technology to connect, communicate about my kid, LSB, activities etc,. Now I firmly believe that your approach to differenciate LSB from others will go long way to benefit both kids and LSB. For working parents like us, this is boon, where we can track the progress on day to day basis. Wish you all the very best!”

Board Recognition

KNEWCLEUS is working with CBSE and other boards in India to gain recognition.


1. What exactly, is Knewcleus?
Very simply stated, Knewcleus is an education management software that maximises students’ potential by enabling collaboration between principals, teachers, parents, students and educational content providers.
Knewcleus helps the school manage student information, helps make teachers’ insights on individual students actionable, helps parents keep a daily eye on their child’s progress and helps students improve their academic performance with individual-specific remedial content.
Knewcleaus has absorbed the complexities of the entire education management process to create a user interface that is simple and fun. And, very affordable.
Let us put it this way. Knewcleus makes education management easy and learning fun.

2. How does Knewcleus work?
This far, all relationships in the educational process were linear, always one-to-one. What Knewcleus does is, it gathers all the stakeholders (principal, parents, teachers, students, third-party content providers) around itself so that they can all collaborate to together and maximise a student’s potential.
Knewcleus has a comprehensive Student Information System that ensures easy and efficient record management for the school. Knewcleus has a CCE compliant Intelli Grade-book™ where teachers can easily make their regular assessments. Based on these assessments our Analytics Engine™ analyses where the student needs extra support. Then a Discovery Engine takes™ over to track down the most relevant remedial content that is available on the web and deliver it to the student.
Teachers can also use the Assignment System in Knewcleus to create paperless tests online.
But what is most significant and unique about Knewcleus is CollabTool™. This allows all the stakeholders to collaborate and share information and knowledge across. This we believe, is the most contemporary way to disseminate information and to enhance learning. This is the language that today’s child understands and therefore when in Rome….

3. Who benefits from Knewcleus?
Like every other product, we would like to say “everybody”. But this once, we are correct. It does benefit everybody in the education equation. It benefits the school and the principal with efficient record management and the Intelli Grade-book™. It helps teachers make assessments easily and helps them quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of each student. It helps parents know exactly where their children are progressing and where they are not, every day. It helps students with remedial content regularly.
All these besides, the CollabTool™ ensures easy and regular dissemination of information, while negating the need formaiking PTM’s meetings and calls meanigful. And also helps students share educational content with each other.
To add to all of these, Knewcleus is by far the most affordable education management and learning enhancing software service available today. (And with the simplest and best user interface, our product development team rushes to add.)

4. How can Knewcleus help create better schools?
For schools, Knewcleus is an easily managed, affordable single-point hub to organise school and student information, interact, collaborate and improve performance. Once installed, the school is just a click away from being in touch with every parent via email, sms. And atop that, you have the CollabTool™, for live interaction.
Knewcleus also frees up a lot of time for the teacher. Time that can be utilised for activities more critical than data management. A CCE compliant Intelli Grade-book™ also makes assessments much easier for the teacher.
Every school on Knewcleus is acknowledging the need to communicate regularly with parents. In an ideal world, parents should be aware of their ward’s progress on a regular basis so that remedial action, if necessary, can be prompt.
With Knewcleus, every single student in the school gets an opportunity to maximise his or her potential. And thereby, substantially improve the school’s performance.

5. How can Knewcleus maximise students’ potential?
Most often, the primary reason for students’ inability to achieve their full potential, is the lack of right diagnoses at the right time. And by the time deficiency is noticed, it’s a subject deficiency and not a topic deficiency. Knewcleus is designed to prevent just that.
The moment a problem is noticed, the Analytic Engine™ kicks in, and delivers the right remedial content to the student’s desktop. That besides, the deficiency is immediately visible to the teacher and parents sufficiently early for them to take corrective action.
Students on Knewcleus have instant access to the best remedial content available on the web. They waste absolutely no time searching and neither do they end up with the wrong content.
Knewcleus is also a one-stop notice board for students with all school-relevant information. Need to now when the next 3-day weekend is?

6. How does Knewcleus help everyone collaborate?
That it lets every stakeholder collaborate, is a unique feature. With Knewcleus, the principal, teachers, parents and students can constantly be in touch with each other. Everyone can see and determine what students’ grades communicate. Everyone can see what remedial content has been accessed. This makes it easy for parents, teachers and the principal to keep track of students’ progress.
This is also a lovely, easy-to-use social platform for students to communicate and share content that they find relevant.|
CollabTool™ on Knewcleus makes the (forced) parent-teacher interaction irrelevant meanigful. As teachers and parents can now be in touch as regularly as they want talk on relevant actionables.

7. How does Knewcleus make data actionable?
In comparison to what Knewcleus has to offer, the information systems that most schools use today, would appear rudimentary. Instead of a deluge of data, teachers can now exchange real-time information with parents that can result in real-time solutions, real-time remedial action.
Instead of looking at a report card online at the end of the term or meeting once in a couple of months for a PTA, Knewcleus allows enough time (at the right time) for course correction.
In the near future, an IntelliResource system will be able to analyse student grades and based on previous data, arrive at a customised content package for each student.
Real-time actionable information also ensures that schools can track academic performance constantly, take corrective action and ensure that grades improve across the system.

8. What administration and management can do with Knewcleus?
The school administration can easily manage the information of the Knewcleus platform.
1. They can add students/teachers and reassign them to different classes.
2. Promote children to the next class.
3. Manage all user permissions.
4. Send out school-wide message on noticeboards.
5. Enter marks in the report card for the whole school.

The management, can keep a close watch on the performance of students and school.
1. Communicate to the whole school/class/section/teachers/parents or individuals over the unified messaging system (sms, email, Knewcleus message).
2. View analysis of academic performance and take correction action.
3. Manage the whole school efficiently.
4. Collaborate across stake holders.

9. What the teacher can do with Knewcleus?
Knewcleus makes the teacher’s life both easy and efficient. Teachers can now focus on teaching and put administrative hassles behind them.
1. View performance of her class w.r.t to her subject.
2. View videos sourced by the Ddiscovery Eengine™.
Choose appropriate videos and add them to the view list
3. Enter marks/grades directly into Intelli Grade-book.
4. Label/tag each assessment appropriately.
5. Create assignments/homework and evaluate them.
6. Maintain health records, attendance.
7. Share information, communicate, collaborate.

10. What the parents can do with Knewcleus?
Both parents of a student can get individual Knewcleus credentials. However, they can only access information relevant to their ward. Once they log in, here’s what they can do.
1. View the digital almanac.
2. View notice board.
3. Send in a leave application.
4. Communicate with their child’s teachers and school management.
5. View report card.
6. Check the academic analytics and view relevant, sourced content.
7. View their child’s activity online and check for homework, assignments.

11. What the student can do with Knewcleus?
Children can collaborate with their classmates , teachers and schoolmates. They can share ideas, content and have fun on their profile. Below is what they can see and do.
1. View relevant content/videos/lesson plans sourced by Knewcleus.
2. View report card and analysis of report.
3. Create and join communities within the school.
4. View their digital almanac.
5. Post videos, photo, experiments and share information/knowledge.
6. Check timetable, assignments, homework.
7. Check the notice-board.
8. View school policies, special notices, fee receipts etc.
9. Have fun with their own little social media network.