Analytics and Discovery Engine™

We love getting basics right, we asked this question to ourselves. What should the principal of a school know on top priority? All of us in the team sprang out of their seat with one loud answer. Academic performance of a school in one Snapshot, hold on to your breath. That’s not all, this followed with a remedial solution for weaker students too.

The Knewcleus Analytics Engine analyzes the Intelli Grade-book and helps in categorizing proficiency levels. The teacher tags each assessment/test with a relevant label, for eg. ‘Geometry – Pythogaras Theorem’ before grading the class. The Analytics Engine picks up all such tags and puts it in one of the four proficiency categories based on the grade scored by the student.

Here, the Discovery Engine takes over. It discovers relevant content, based on grades from student’s assessment/tests. The Discovery Engine relies on an algorithm, which assists in finding the most relevant content based on the student proficiency. Teachers will just have to choose the most relevant content and add the content to the list. It also lets all users discover content and thus, contribute to the school’s system.


Consistent, effective and proactive communication is the key to a schools progress.

Old methods of a parent-teacher meeting every quarter where parents have to wait their turn to get a few minutes of face time with the teacher are becoming redundant or rather should be.

Parents are the consumers of educational services and they expect and often demand constant communication about performance and progress of their children. Current communication is very one-sided with school’s dispersing information and expecting very little or no feedback from the parents. But times are a changing! Parents want their input to be heard and acted upon. Collabtool proprietary technology solves this issue through a unified messaging center, which is the easiest information dissemination system available.

Now Educators at all levels, from administrators to teachers, can communicate directly with students and parents and vice versa via three options:

  1. Private message
  2. Email
  3. SMS

Intelli-gradebook - CBSE Uniform Pattern of Assessment Compliant

Grade books in most cases, make way to a vault and gather dusts. We have managed to inject some life into our gradebook.

Intelli-gradebook- is designed to present parents, students and teachers a snap shot of student’s marks and grades. It shows reports in real time. Be it formative or summative assessment or the management of co-scholastic areas, everything is just one click away. It can handle complex co-scholastic descriptive indicators and has provision for anecdotal notes, which help map the behavioral pattern of the student along with the academic performance. Performance can be measured in grades, marks as well as percentages. Gradebook once generated can be downloaded or printed directly from Knewcleus platform reducing the repetitive administrative work for teachers and takes you one step closer to being a paper free school.

The Knewcleus Intelli Grade-book™ is CBSE Uniform Pattern of Assessment Compliant. It is also flexible to accommodate other boards. Here are a few important features.

  1. Converts marks into grades.
  2. Automatically describes co-scholastic skills in 244 characters on entering grades.
  3. Allows for splitting marks across practical and theory.
  4. Is flexible enough to create many sub assessments.
  5. Is well integrated into a ‘unified messaging system’ to communicate activity.
  6. Has “Rubrics” integrated to further evaluate performance.
  7. Data is structured for Analytics and Discovery Engines.
  8. Automatically accepts marks from online post evaluation.
  9. Provides a Green Sheet (consolidated grade sheet) to schools.
  10. Provides data to the CBSE in the required format, thereby eliminating double data entry

SIS++™ - Student Information System

A simple and easy tool to manage your schools academic performance can only be possible with an efficient student management system. Knewcleus’s SIS++ automatically organizes your school data and lets you manage them with ease. SIS++ is a potent tool to handle day to day operations of your school: managing daily/monthly attendance, schools activity and event schedule, weekly timetable, health records, a log of homework, a list of all online and other assignment, entering new enrolments, circulars and notices, sharing progress reports etc. Complete record of student histories is easily viewed, and printed.

No more cumbersome paper records and huge files for you. Stored securely in a vault, you can now access your school “Anytime Anywhere”.


Knewcleus relies on efficient record management. The Student Information System organizes data in a structured manner and helps build a collaborative platform with ease. Below are a few key features.

  1. Automatically organizes data at a class level and classifies them under classmates, teachers, parents and Management.
  2. Enables one click communication across all users relevant to each other.
  3. Has chat enabled.
  4. Has sms integrated for quick communication.
  5. Shows online status of users.

Extra mile™- Managed IT Infrastructure

Knewcleus just does not provide easy and simple tools to manage your school. We go an Extra mile, we install and manage your IT infrastructure too. We are the “Man Friday Service” for your school, we maintain your IT infrastructure and keep it updated. Is there a better way to say “Just teach and do nothing else”?


SIS++, Collabtool, Intelli-gradebook, Analytics Engine, Extramile. You are right, these are Knewcleus’s cool, easy and affordable solutions. But, there is a something missing. Don’t you think, you need a cool looking website to scream at the world and say you are the Best?

Powerpack just does that for you. Web design, hosting, email ID management, maintenance, web updates and every thing your school has to offer will be seamlessly delivered to you within days. We go all the way to keep you happy.