Improve overall academics

Teachers need simple and easy tools to help improve schools overall academics. Analytics engine™ does just that. It analyses, diagnoses the academic performance of all the classes and provides remedial content to students, teachers and parents. All the teachers need to do, is to enter marks/observation into the Knewcleuss “CCE compliant “Intelli-gradebook”. Voila, how easy can this get?

Board Compliance

Graphical representation

Green sheet, data upload, descriptive indicators, remarks, entry, anecdotal records, evaluation parameters, elective subject management.

Don’t boards ask a lot from you? We empathies with you on this one. Why should teachers do all this and kill their valuable teaching time? Teachers should just teach and do nothing else. Knewcleus’s simple and easy to use CCE compliant software will churn out everything the board asks for within seconds. All you do is click upload the on the boards website. Happy teachers= Bright Students

Support- Parent, Teacher, Student

Do you remember days, when your software and hardware never worked, you had to wait for days to get things up and running? Knewcleus support team ensures that all your service issues are kept at bay. Our support team will take care of all technical issues faced by parents, students and children and solve it in a jiffy. We love making things simple for you.

Works for all standards

We are special, our Intelli gradebook™ is flexible and can be adapted to all classes across boards like CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and IB. Once, you make a decision to work with us, our crack team will swoop into your school and put your gradebook in order. You will be surprised to see your digitized grade book functioning across all classes. Now sit back and keep a close look at those below average students and just say “ Leave no one behind”

Collaborative platform

Collabtool is cool and the whole new idea of sharing knowledge in a school eco system on a collaborative platform is an exciting feature. Watch kids share their learning experiences and some fun things with their class. All we say is, “School stops post the bell, why should learning stop”. One of the key skills needed to succeed in the 21st century work place is collaboration. Everywhere in the world, be it private or corporate life, people today use collaborative platforms. Yet there is no true collaborative platform for schools. This is the gap that Knewcleus fills. Collabtool is a collaborative platform that connects parents, students and teachers through a student information system. With the help of Collabtool, teachers and parents can now collaborate to develop the educational needs of children. Students can collaborate with each other and create peer-to-peer help lines. Give them a creative and fun space to share and watch their learning enthusiasm grow.

Student information management

We guarantee efficiency. We are not a bunch of technology guys, who just make software. We understand the core of a school. Do you know, most schools are inefficient and spend tons of teaching hours managing huge reams of paper?

No more cumbersome paper records and huge files. We stream line your records and digitize them. All your records will be stored securely in a vault, which you can access “Anytime Anywhere”.